Creepy chalk art for the launch of Doctor Sleep Movie

Undertow Media approached Chalk Advertising to complete a chalk art board for their Doctor Sleep Movie Premiere night at Sylvia Park. We were so excited to jump right in after watching the trailer and being reminded of ‘The Shining’ that some of us watched nearly two decades ago.

‘Redrum’ the word used in the novel "The Shining" by Stephen King, was also used in the movie and spelt "Murder" backwards. This was going to be the theme of the artwork which was to be displayed on a large chalk board at the launch event.

(Redrum – backwards of murder - being suggestive of bloodshed, wrath, inebriation, violence)


We made the large board that would contain the title of the movie ‘Doctor Sleep’ on top and have the ‘Redrum’ artwork at eye level to the spectator and the mirror image of the title at the bottom of the board.

Most of the artwork was completed before the guests arrived and the remaining bits were finished as guests were having drinks before the movie started. While we were finishing the artwork we were asked to take photos of the guests next to the board. Some of the guests even had the opportunity to add a little chalk line or two themselves.

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