Our Services

Chalk Advertising is a results driven creative agency for targeted advertising using chalk art and hand lettering.


Need some ideas for the shop? Or maybe you have a couple of chalkboards lying around but no idea what to do with them. If that’s you, don’t stress. We’ve been there before, many times and we have loads of cool ideas for you.

Chalk Art & Hand Lettering

This is where all the magic happens. Discussing and idea or seeing a design concept on paper is one thing but when then work is done, that is where things really come to life. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with a stick of chalk, and your customers will love it. Don’t be afraid to bring us in during busy hours, customers love to stand and watch as the art work is done and sometimes bring their friends to see which means more business for you.

Layout Design

No idea what to put on your boards or how to convey your message? We got your back. With over 13 years experience, we’ve done it all and will happily design your boards and layouts for you.

Project Coordination

Setting up a new shop or revamping and existing one is a big job. Why not let us handle your chalk boards? From sourcing the boards, getting all the necessary information, designing the layout and doing the artwork, we do it all.