Our Services

Chalk Advertising is a results driven creative agency for targeted advertising using chalk art and hand lettering.

Chalk Art, Hand Lettering & Illustration

This is where all the magic happens. Discussing an idea or seeing a design concept on paper is one thing but when then work is done, that is where things really come to life. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with a stick of chalk, and your customers will love it. Don’t be afraid to bring us in during busy hours, customers love to stand and watch as the art work is done and sometimes bring their friends to see which means more business for you.

Custom Made Chalkboards

Chalkboards signs are an attention grabbing way to display handwritten messages, menus, specials, art and products. People walking by your business are not just pedestrians, they are potential customers. Make an impression with a custom designed chalkboard. Chalk Advertising offers various options for chalkboards that are easy to set up, store and pack away.

Chalkboard Wedding Decor

Chalkboards are a popular trend for weddings. There are so many ways to incorporate a chalkboard into the wedding ceremony or reception, such as chalkboard inspired stationery, wedding signs, chalkboard tagged mason jars, wedding favors, table seating, wedding menus and even photo booths. Check out our gallery for some awesome ideas.

Chalkboard Event Signage

Create hip and on-trend signs for corporate functions, parties and events using chalkboards. From dinner and drink menus, event info, or providing a unique photo booth backdrop, chalkboards are an amazing alternative to liven up your event. Check out our gallery for some awesome ideas.